Version 2.0
  • Multi-Language Phrasebook
  • Многоязычный Разговорник
  • 多言語 会話集
  • Manual de Conversación Multi-Idiomas
  • متعدد اللغات دليل محادثات
  • 多语言 短语手册
  • MultiLingue Guia de Conversação
  • Mehrsprachig Phrasebook
  • Multi-Langue Manuel de conversation
Available on the iPhone

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later.

Now available in Arabic and Russian and Japanese

Also in: German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, or English

Pick any other language to translate in the full multi-language version.

must say on first impressions it's the best quality travel app out there...

- Dinky3000 5 Star AppStore Review

just downloaded thie application - phrase book is just what i needed - well worht it!

- Kaito63 5 Star AppStore Review

I'm very pleased with this application, I've been looking for something as useful for a while.

- SKEM2202 5 Star AppStore Review

It has a great selection of useful phrases which are easy and quick to find

- vikingid 5 Star AppStore Review
What can Lingestico do?

You can then listen to how the phrase is pronounced, practice it and then use it, or just let the other person listen to it directly. With its full screen capability, at the touch of a button the selected phrase will expand to fill the entire screen to aid ease of reading.

Is this iPhone4 ready?

We've fully updated the code to support iPhone4 and iPad devices.

Can you select favourite phrases?

A ‘Favorites’ capability allows you to save your most important phrases in your personal ‘Favorites’ folder that can be accessed by one click. A fast search facility allows you to find the phrase you are after quickly and effortlessly.

Where can I get support?

Any support issues can be sent to feedback @ lingestico dot com

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    Lingestico 2.0

    Released on 10/3/11
    • New: iPhone4 support
    • New: updated graphics
    • New: iPad and iPod Touch support

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